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Why Is Your Website Not Getting Enough Visits?

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People visit or leave your website for a reason. When people visit, it means they are interested in the products or services your company wants to offer. Some website owners invest in making sure that the website looks presentable and pleasing to the eyes without realizing that there are other aspects that must be kept in mind. There are four reasons people leave your website:

1. Takes 3 seconds or more to load

Slow websites drive people away. It is estimated that 40% of visitors are more likely to leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. There are many reasons for the slow speed such as too large images, scripts, HTML and CSS. This problem can be resolved by ensuring that the sizes are kept to a minimum. Crazy animations can also contribute to slow loading time. Your web host provider has to do with the slow speed as well. Make sure you check your website speed regularly and change host if you are not getting a reliable web host.

2. Lack of graphic element and readability

Not everyone visiting your website can navigate it with ease. Before designing your website, make sure that you do not miss out on site navigation. Expect some visitors who are not familiar with navigating the website. If they are not sure how to use your website, they will choose to leave it instead. When thinking about the design of your website, you will also have to think about its functionality. Your website should be simple, clear and professional.

3. Not mobile responsive

Since everyone is using their smartphones for online transactions, it is imperative that your business does not fall behind the digital trend. If your website is not mobile responsive, there is a greater chance for your audience to abandon your website. They will move on to another source that offers mobile responsive website. It is important to take your audience’s mobile needs into consideration so you can create a responsive mobile design.

4. Not updating blog posts

Regular visitors want to stay updated by reading on your website. If they do not see anything new, they are less likely to stay. This is why you need to update your content frequently so visitors will know that you keep them engaged. With regard to the frequency, think about the type of niche you have and the audience you are trying to target. You will be able to have a loyal reader when they have something to look forward to on a regular basis.

How To Choose The Right Web Host To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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Website owners have many reasons for creating a website and one of the most common ones is for marketing purposes. With a website, you will be able to increase brand awareness as customers will be able to find you. It is also through your website that you can showcase what you can offer to customers and why prospects should choose you. Once you create your website, you will be confronted by many decisions including the design and functionality, content and even search engine optimisation. Aside from these elements, business owner must also focus on actual hosting.

As you do your research and discover relevant information, there are other aspects of web hosting that you need to keep in mind. With that said, comparing apples with apples is essential.

Uptime and Security Guarantee

When it comes to selecting the right website host, you should find out what the hosting company’s uptime guarantee is. Customers do not like to experience an error message or blank screen every time they visit your website. Choose companies that can guarantee an uptime of at least 99%. Aside from uptime guarantee, you should also take security guarantee into consideration. With data breach and cyber attacks being a huge issue these days, businesses must add layers of protection to protect websites from being the next target. It is also imperative to protect customers’ information such as email addresses, credit card numbers and passwords.

Back Up For Site Content

You may encounter problems, which may result in deleting important data from your website. Whether it is caused by a hacking issue or a mistake from your end, having a hosting company that ensures your data is backed up should be your priority. Although the process can also be done without the web hosting company’s assistance, you may not have enough time at your disposal to handle the task on a daily basis.

Scalable Plan

As your business grows, the company you sign up for must also have the ability to scale with you. A hosting provider with different levels of service on offer enables you to upgrade over time. It will also be a huge help if you choose providers that will allow you to change plans without charging any exit or cancellation fees. There are companies that give you options to change up or down based on your needs. If you need more bandwidth, an upgrade should not cost you an arm and a leg.

Customer Support

Your website may not always be up and running and a reliable customer support that you can get a hold of 24 hours a day is essential. A customer representative who can get any problems sorted out quickly will prevent any issues, which may take place while you are having an ad run or send an email newsletter.

All You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Provider

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Many small businesses are keen on selecting a web host company because the hosting provider creates a strong impact on the business. In a nutshell, web hosting stores your website on the servers. Each and every web hosting company has different servers and locations. There are many aspects of web hosting that can affect your business:

Site Speed

Why is it important to choose a provider that can offer faster site speeds? Your website can either make a good or bad impression. In just a few seconds, you can lose your chance at converting visitors into regular customers if you don’t offer impressive speed. Users will judge the speed of your website by its loading time. In fact, your site’s loading time is enough to make a greater impression. It is even a factor to retaining customers.


Aside from site speed, downtime percentage is also important. Downtime refers to the amount of time your site will be unavailable to users. Although web hosting companies cannot guarantee 100% uptime, the risk of downtime minimal if you do not want to leave band impressions to visitors.


It is also important for a web host company to have the ability to protect sensitive data. If anything bad happens to your server, backups will keep your data safe. There should be multiple server backups in different locations so you can restore your work any time even in the event of cyber attacks and other online mishaps.

Choosing the right hosting provider

Analyse your budget-you need to plan your budget by asking yourself how much you are willing to spend on a web hosting service. Shared hosting solution is a good option if you are minimalistic. However, you should also keep in mind that for your business to survive, you need higher speed and low downtime and only a dedicated server can deliver these.

Explore options-the company you are going to choose will depend on your business needs. If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need a reliable web hosting service that will help you accomplish your goals. You need to research thoroughly so you can meet your objectives. It is also important that you understand what is best for your business.

Know your objectives-you will also have to narrow down your goals by identifying the aspects of your business you are most concerned with. Is speed your priority? There should be a balance between the company’s downtime percentage, speed, reliability and level of security.

Why Should Small Businesses Invest in Good Web Hosting Service?

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Many businesses have difficulties surviving as they do not know they are getting hacked. Without web hosting knowledge, you will miss the opportunity to grow your business. Even if you only have a few employees, it does not mean that you should skimp on getting a good web hosting service. It is important to increase your awareness of web hosting so you will know the features and providers that can give you great value for money.

Reasons for investing in good web hosting service:

Downtime means loss of sales. If your website is under attack due to poor levels of security or always experiencing frequent downtime, visitors will not hesitate to close your web page and opt for a better service else where. Having a website which is growth-oriented means you choose a provider that goes the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that your website will always be up and running most of the time.

Choosing the right web host service is a critical decision. Aside from the downtime percentage, it is also important for a web host service to have remote backups. Security is also an important factor to take into consideration. Since cybercrime is becoming prevalent these days, many businesses can lose money each day due to the absence of online backups.

You can protect your business against costly mistakes by ensuring that your web host has the right speed and efficiency. This means that your provider should have advanced features and high levels of security to keep cyber attacks at bay.

You can also reduce cost by making sure that your content management systems are updated. A dedicated server is also the best way to go as it minimises the risk of cyber attack. When backing up your backups, it should be on different servers and different machines. However, every business needs to be aware that these backups are not completely immune to attacks. There are many cases when backups have been hacked. If this happens, you totally lose control of your website. Websites need to be secure to avoid chronic downtime. This way, the risk of web hosting companies losing websites will be prevented or minimised.

Businesses should be aware when their DNS is being controlled. They should know if it is being handled by a third party, hosting company or the registrar. A web hosting company that can detect a problem with your website will also help you avoid any mistakes that can hurt your business in the future.

How To Protect Your Website From A Bad Host?

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Before your website goes live, you need to choose a web host that ensures your website’s success. A reliable web host means your site will be up and running with minimal downtime. If you fail to do a thorough research on web host providers, your website will surely suffer as frequent downtime can affect your SEO ranking. Even if you are starting out, choosing a bad web host is no excuse. The good news is, you are in total control of choosing a web host that works for you.

1. Register your domain

In most cases, hosting providers offer a free domain, but this does not mean that you are required to make it your primary domain. Your URL might be hard to remember and this can greatly affect the credibility of your business. If you want your website to establish its own brand and identity, registering your domain is an option to consider.

2. Go with a company that offers a free trial

There are customers that may not be certain about choosing the provider that suits their hosting preferences. If you are unsure whether or not you should commit to choosing a hosting company, going with a web host that offers free trial is a great option because it will help you to uncover any problems associated with the provider. It is also necessary to check if the company also provides money back guarantee.

3. Select your payment method

Before choosing a hosting company, you need to set up a billing method. Some of the most common and more secure payment options are debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. If you choose PayPal, you will be protected both as the customer and the merchant from theft, fraud and many others. Debit cards are also a good option especially for those who are just starting out. Using credit cards are also an option as they  offer built-in protection from unauthorised charges.

4. Avoid choosing blacklisted IPs

Your site stands a great chance of being blocked if your hosting company is still using blacklisted IPs. Always make it a point do a thorough research and read customer reviews so you will know if your web host provider has good reputation.

5. Backup your website

Backing up your website is another best practice that website owners should follow. If anything goes wrong, you can be sure that your website will not be seriously affected due to hacking, data breach or dropped hosting issues.

Types Of Web Hosting Services And Their Features

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When building a website, a reliable hosting service is required to keep the site running. There are different types of hosting services for you to choose from and the type of service you consider will depend on your needs and budget. It is essential to have an idea about the hosting options available to you. This way, you will know which type can effectively host your website.

  • Free Hosting

If you are building a website for fun, you may consider free hosting services as an option. However, it comes with a caveat because free hosting service means that the speed is slow and the website will frequently experience downtime. Ever come across advertising banners on some of the sites you visit? This is what exactly your website visitors are going to experience if you opt for free hosting service. These banners are automatically added to your website. If you do not mind these few disadvantages, then free hosting suits you.

  • Shared Hosting

This type of hosting involves two or more website owners sharing one server. You will be sharing the software applications and physical server with other owners. Although it is an affordable option, it still has its downsides and one of which is its slow speed.

  • Dedicated Hosting

If you want to run your website on one dedicated server without being bothered by ad banners, dedicated hosting is ideal for you. With this type of hosting, you will be able to enjoy faster performance as you get to enjoy the entire server. Since your website is run by a dedicated hosting service, this means you have sole responsibility in paying for the cost of operation on the entire server. This options works for websites that require much higher level of security.

  • Collocated Hosting

You will need to buy your own server if you choose collocated hosting. Your server will be housed at a web host’s facilities. Collocated hosting has its own advantage and one of which is that you gain full control of the server. You can even install applications and scripts you need.

Features of a Hosting Plan

Regardless of the hosting plan you choose, each plan has its basic features:

Email Accounts

Email accounts are offered by most hosting services and there are three types of email accounts on offer: aliases, forwarding and POP3.

Disk Space

Hosting plans offer a specific amount of disk space where you can store your web files. If you are unsure of the amount to consider, you can try to estimate the space you need for your databases, emails and web files.

FTP Access

Transferring files to the web server is required when creating web pages using your computer. You will be transferring the files to the server with the use of FTP.

Why Is Security Essential In Web Hosting?

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If you have a website for business or personal purposes, you need to make sure that your level of security is not left unchecked. Hackers are lurking in every virtual corner and sometimes, it is already too late before you discover that your website has been a victim of cyber intruders. Many crimes are committed on the Internet and these are costly crimes especially for people who are building a website to do business. The first thing you have to consider when searching for a web host is the level of security they can provide. For fledgling companies, opting for free web hosting services may be a viable option. However, as the company grows, tighter security should be in place.

As you store sensitive data, you cannot afford to let your guard down. Many website owners have been looking over their shoulders because of data breaches. It is a growing problem because the Internet is accessible to everyone. While it is the most convenient way to conduct business, there is still an increased concern with security.

If credit card payment is one of your payment options, you need to give your customers peace of mind by ensuring that confidential credit card information is kept secure.

Reasons to protect your site

There are two types of people that can potentially harm your website. One can steal your identity and the other can hack sensitive information that may affect your website’s functionality. These people are like thief in the night. They can steal information just when you least expect it. Robust security is essential to every website. This is why you need to evaluate the security features  before you choose a web hosting company.

Robust security is essential to combat various security issues especially for e-commerce websites. If you are searching for a web hosting company, make sure you check if they provide the following:

  • Backups-In the event of a problem, backups are going to protect your data. Although you can do this yourself, your host service provider has sound back up processes. Ask your service provider how often they back up their servers. You should also check the method they use.
  • Server Maintenance- The server should also be maintained to make sure that attacks are minimised. A host with a published security protocol is the way to go. It is an indication that they are regularly performing patches and upgrades.
  • SSL- Secure Sockets Layer has the ability to provide an encrypted path between the server and the browser. You will know if your website is utilising an SSL certificate if a locked padlock symbol on the address bar appears. This means sensitive information such as your credit card numbers, name and other personal information are kept secure.

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing A Web Host

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If you are choosing a paid web hosting service, you need to make sure you select the right company. There are 5 mistakes often committed by people searching for a reliable web host service. Take note of these mistakes so you can avoid committing them.

Mistake #1: Choosing Price Over Quality

While beginners may consider some penny-pinching practices to save money, it does not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest service. As they say, quality comes at a price. If you choose the cheapest option, you may end up not getting the right features you want for your website. If you want to keep your website up and running, you also have to make sure you choose a reliable web host service. This will only be possible if you explore your options. A cheap pricing plan may be an attractive option, but it may not offer the best features for your needs.

Mistake #2: Falling Prey To The Top Web Hosts

It might seem easy to decide which paid web host service you are going to consider if you come across a list of top web host providers. Is this enough to decide which company you should choose?  Positive reviews do not necessarily come from clients. Beware of these reviews. You need to check the company’s qualifications and avoid heavily relying on fake reviews.

Mistake #3: Opting For Unlimited Web Hosts

Web host companies that provide unlimited features may seem like an attractive offer. However, you need to think things over before you commit to choosing a web host company. The storage and bandwidth may be unlimited but you have to take other things into consideration.

Mistake #4: Signing up for a year

If you do not have prior experience about a web host company, do not attempt to sign up for a year. Signing up for a longer period of time will mean you need to pay the company in advance. While there are companies that offer money-back guarantee, there are companies that give you a hard time getting your money back. If you have a bad web host plan, you need to stick to it for a year. Sign up for a month and check if the company offers services and features you are looking for.

Mistake #5:Ignoring Downtime/Uptime

Your website will rely on your web host provider 100% of the time. Downtime/uptime rate is important and should be taken into consideration when searching for a company to host your website.  Fifteen minute downtime can result in losing money.

Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

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If you are a web hosting provider, setting up blogs for your customers is already a walk in the park. Although it is your duty to provide blogs for your customers, your company also needs a blog for promoting your business. You may already have a website, but this will definitely not suffice. There is should a go-to blog site dedicated to customers. Aside from promoting your web hosting business, why is there a need to set up a blog?

Connecting with customers

When a site visitor finds a blog interesting and compelling, they are most likely to leave comments. Comments allow you to connect with your customers so you will be able to know their pain points and the things that interest them. Your blog is also an avenue for your customers to leave critical comments. This allows you to fix problems right away.

Representing what your business can offer

There are thousands of web hosting providers and you are just going to be everybody instead of that somebody customers heavily rely on. Becoming somebody will only happen if your company possesses a unique quality that will make customer come back for more. You need to create a blog so you can represent your business to your customers and the rest of the world. By merely reading your blogs, they will know how innovative your services are. You are not just making them curious but interested as well.

Ranking better

Your websites may have interesting products and services to offer, but none of them will matter if your website lacks content. Google Search has the ability to find content on websites that are updated on a regular basis. Updating your site with great content can definitely make wonders on your rankings.

Letting customers know about promotions and discounts

Although customers will be pretty much aware of your promos and discounts once they sign up for newsletters, there can be a large fraction of your customers who still prefer to visit your website. What better way to help them stay in the loop than directing them to your informative blog. You are not only drawing the attention of existing customers, but prospects as well.

A good blog should solve your customer’s problems. It should be a team effort that requires ideas from every department in your company. Your business will remain memorable to customers if your blog always provides  insights. You will make a good impression in return. It is also important to provide great content regularly because poorly maintained blogs will also have a negative effect on your customer.

How To Improve Customer Loyalty In Web Hosting

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Web hosting providers may offer the same products and services, but how does a company stand out from the crowd? Aside from the reasonable cost,  great customer service is another factor that affects the selection process. There are customers who may be raving about the features of a web hosting service, but all of these can change because of a bad customer service. So how do you improve customer loyalty?

1. Don’t make things up

There can be questions that come out of the blue and the answers may not be found in the manual. When you are talking to a frustrated customer, making things up may seem like the only way out. However, this is not a good practice because you will be losing customers eventually. Do not be afraid to take some time to review the issue. Never make things up just so you can get rid of a customer. Once you have looked into the issue, you can follow in a proper timeline.

2. Answer the phone

Customers appreciate web hosting companies that are quick to respond. Problems arise even in the middle of the night. This is why you should offer 24/7 support. It is also important to create a system where the customer does not have to press numbers. Their issues cannot wait as time is essential to them. Make them feel you value their time by answering the phone quickly. If you there is a need to gather information, the automated system should capture the details including the issue.

3. Answer emails

Aside from a phone call, there are customers who may ask about your product and service by sending an email. It is easy to overlook these emails when you do not have a lot of time on your hands. They can even go unnoticed for weeks, and by the time you answer the email, you have already lost a prospect or even an existing customer. Make sure you dedicate a time to answer emails. Set follow up times and make sure customers get the right answers.

4. Offer a good web hosting customer experience

How would you know you are offering a good customer experience? Aside from providing prompt support to your customer’s needs, your website should also load quickly and the information should be easily accessible. Customers are depending on your hosting service in running their website. Make sure they do not frequently experience downtime as this is one of the reasons they may consider switching to another web host company.

Do not just focus on the features of your service because prospects are also looking for a web host provider that values them as customers. Retaining customers are as equally important as getting new customers.

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