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5 Tips On Transferring Domains

150 150 Andrew Broberg

Domain registries allocate domain names, which means website owners do not directly deal with them.

When it comes to transferring domain name ownership, you have an option to transfer from one registrar to another. Before you decide to transfer your domain,  you need to make sure that the domain names stay operational and that the process is safe.

Once the transfer completes, a period of 1 year extends the registration. The domain transfer fee includes the registration extension in most cases.  However, there can be instances when your current registrar rejects the transfer due to evidence of fraud, missed payment for previous registration, express written objection to the transfer, lock status and much more. This is why it is important to know the restrictions when transferring domain names for the process to go smoothly.

Things to remember when transferring domains

Secure an authorization code or domain key: Securing an authorisation code or secret domain key is an important step to transferring domain names. The registrar issues the domain key and one cannot proceed with the transfer without it. The actual domain name transfer uses the code.

Unlock domain:  The domain remains in lock status until the transfer process completes. The lock status prevents unauthorised transfer and modification. The registrar unlocks domains after transferring the domain names. The registrar  authorised to unlock the domains will be the one to perform the procedure.

Ensure domains are active: A domain name in question during the transfer should be active. The transfer cannot take place with an inactive domain. An attempt of transferring inactive domain name will be futile as the process will fail automatically.

Know when you should transfer: You should know when you can transfer domains as registrars have a lock in period of 60 days. This means that you are not allowed to transfer domain names within that period. Any attempt of transfer must be done once the period lapses. Even if you have previously transferred your domain names, you will still have to wait for 60 days before attempting a transfer again. The only exception is when you are going to transfer domain names from one owner to another using the same registrar.

Avoid tampering with name servers: If you are attempting a transfer, never tamper with name servers. This is because it can cause emails and website to stop. Before transferring domain names, be sure to get a complete backup of your files. This is highly recommended especially if you are transferring mails and web hosting.