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Is Cloud Hosting The Future Of Web Hosting?

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What kind of hosting offers the flexibility of a dedicated server and the affordability of a shared server? Cloud hosting offers the best of both worlds and with the immense popularity of cloud technology in various industries, it has become a buzzword. Cloud is more efficient than storing data on your computer’s hard disk because it uses an online application. For people who do not want to be chained to their desk, cloud enables users to run or even store data on a web server. You have the option to share computing resources at any given time without having problems with location.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting involves using several clustered servers’ resources. It also uses virtual resources to ensure that the aspects of hosting your website are accommodated. The best thing about cloud hosting is that it maintains a sense of balance by looking after your level of security and making sure that your hardware resources are available.

For websites that wish to take hosting to a higher level, cloud hosting is one of the best solutions to consider. For instance, a popular website gaining a plethora of visitors on a daily basis requires more than just a shared server. While a dedicated server provides exclusivity, it leaves a big dent in your pocket considering the price.

Scalability is one of the main advantages of cloud web hosting. Users have the freedom to access resources your business needs as it grows. It is convenient for you to gather more clouds once your website gets busy. For instance, the holiday season drives more traffic to your website and an increase in traffic causes a strain on a shared server. This will result in account suspension and being offline for a few days can have a negative impact on your business including losing money. Cloud hosting solves this problem by providing enough resources, which can be released once the holiday season is over.

Cloud hosting also makes it easy for you to gain additional service without waiting for customer service to assist you. With the option to increase your bandwidth allotment when you need it, you will also lower the risk of site suspension. Any issues with slow speed and downtime caused by increased traffic will be eliminated or reduced.

You can also save money with cloud web hosting because you only pay for the resources you use. In the past, the only way to outgrew shared hosting environment is by moving to dedicated hosting. Unfortunately, not all businesses have enough money to spend on switching to a different hosting environment. Cloud hosting gives you value for money by only paying for the resources you use. When you no longer need these resources, you can simply release them without having to worry about being charged for them.

Dedicated Hosting Service Versus Shared Hosting Service

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A domain name and a website are crucial to starting up an online business, but you will also need a hosting service. Once you have complied with these basic requirements, the next thing you have to search is a reliable hosting service. Your website will not be accessible through the Internet without a hosting service. You can be in an intricate maze just searching for the right web host service provider. The type of hosting service you consider depends on the type of website you will be running.

There are more than two types of web hosting to choose from, but shared hosting and dedicated hosting are the most common. If you were to choose between the two, there are several factors you need to take into consideration.

Shared Hosting Service

Shared hosting is a type of hosting designed for one owner. With this type of hosting, you will be able to shared amongst different domains. If you have a run a small online business, shared hosting is most likely your preferred choice.  It is the cheaper option to consider, but you can only obtain limited benefits. Although you are only sharing resources with other domains, you still get your own space for your server.

The amount of space you will get will not be as big as that for a dedicated hosting site though.  Shared hosting also offers one of the lowest prices. There are also companies that offer free space for your website if you are going to sign up for shared hosting under their company. It is a great benefit, but you need bigger space as your online business grows.

Dedicated Hosting Service

If you want to remain competitive in the world of Internet, your website needs to have proper specifications. You can successfully deliver information to the clients this way.  Dedicated hosting refers to the type of hosting that is custom built for a particular website and client. Dedicated hosting can also provide the coverage that a website owner wants. The site continues to run properly as the specifications are based on what the client is searching for.

If you are going to choose shared hosting, be sure to  opt for companies that do not have too many sites on one server. Your website loads a bit longer once errors occur. Choose a company that can accommodated a decent number of websites on one server.  Memory and bandwidth issues are most likely to cause a website to run slow.