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Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hosting Provider

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The changes and updates with Google’s algorithm has been stressful for most website owners. While links, keywords and reputation are the elements that can influence SEO, your hosting provider can still affect your SEO efforts. When choosing a hosting provider is done hastily, it can certainly take its toll on your business in the long run. You need a provider that can give you a seamless hosting experience.

Does The Choice Of Hosting Provider Really Matter?

Your choice of host may not have a direct impact on your ranking, but a poor choice of a host will still have a detrimental effect on your efforts to stay ahead. When you are too focused on the price, you are also missing out on the essential qualities of a reliable hosting provider. It is important to look into several factors for you to know if have chosen a provider that can give you a competitive edge.

Server Performance

The first factor you need to look into when choosing a hosting provider is the server performance. The server performance includes the downtime and speed. You need a server that can provide speed. Google penalises websites with slow loading speeds and frequent downtime. This can really hurt your business so it is imperative to search for a provider with high percentages of uptime.

There are design choices you can consider so you can improve your website’s speed. However, you should also note that when a host uses a shared server, your speed can still be affected. Although a dedicated server can cost you more money, it is still a valuable option once it yields positive results.

Server Security

The second factor to consider is the server security. Your ranking can be affected if your website is not secure. Google also penalises sites that are frequently attacked or more prone to cyberthreats. If visitors are aware of the security flaws, you are not only going to hurt your reputation but your traffic. While you may have some security measures to protect your website, a reliable hosting provider is still the way to go. A good hosting provider has the ability to increase your site’s level of security.

Server Location

The final factor you need to consider is the server location because Google relies on location information. So you need to be very careful. It is important to know where the server is located and the location of your target audience. This practice can help you deliver accurate results to your customers.