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Are You Choosing The Right Server For Your Website?

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The success of building a website depends on the server you choose. There are many types of server to choose from, but not all of them will be able to address your needs. Some known hosting types to consider are managed hosting, virtual servers, shared hosting and dedicated servers. All servers have their own challenges and benefits. It is important to familiarise yourself with the type of hosting available to you so you can make informed decision.

If you are after the price, you may consider the hosting services with the lowest price. However, as your website needs increase, you need a more dedicated server that suits your requirements. You will be choosing between dedicated servers and virtual servers.

Virtual server vs Dedicated server

Virtual servers share server resources with another web master on the same server. If an IP address is shared by many websites on a single machine, it is also referred to as virtual server hosting. However, if you want individual accessibility, dedicated servers are the way to go because you enjoy the privacy of your very own server. This means you will gain complete control over one server with dedicated server hosting.

With VPS servers or Virtual Private Server, you will be offered minimum allocation of resources and an installation of software package. A dedicated server is much faster than VPS. If you go for a dedicated server , you will be able to have a greater control of your web server. Dedicated server also offers customisation and all the resources are allocated to a single customer.

Some important things to remember when choosing a dedicated server:

Most web host providers offer additional services to ensure proper server management. These services may include DNS services, restoration and backup, user management, OS updates, security audits and many others. There are also web hosting companies that take care of Administrative maintenance. These include updates, upgrades, creating/adding/managing user accounts, domains and email accounts.

Whether you are choosing VPS or dedicated server, it is important to note that a server that does not meet your website needs will only waste your money. If you want a server that offers flexibility, dedicated server is the way to go. However, if you want a cheaper server that still offers decent hosting services, VPS is a good option.

Do not immediately choose servers without weighing your options. What may work for one website may not work for you. Assess your needs and determine if your prospecting hosting company can provide you high quality service without breaking the bank.

Dedicated Hosting Service Versus Shared Hosting Service

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A domain name and a website are crucial to starting up an online business, but you will also need a hosting service. Once you have complied with these basic requirements, the next thing you have to search is a reliable hosting service. Your website will not be accessible through the Internet without a hosting service. You can be in an intricate maze just searching for the right web host service provider. The type of hosting service you consider depends on the type of website you will be running.

There are more than two types of web hosting to choose from, but shared hosting and dedicated hosting are the most common. If you were to choose between the two, there are several factors you need to take into consideration.

Shared Hosting Service

Shared hosting is a type of hosting designed for one owner. With this type of hosting, you will be able to shared amongst different domains. If you have a run a small online business, shared hosting is most likely your preferred choice.  It is the cheaper option to consider, but you can only obtain limited benefits. Although you are only sharing resources with other domains, you still get your own space for your server.

The amount of space you will get will not be as big as that for a dedicated hosting site though.  Shared hosting also offers one of the lowest prices. There are also companies that offer free space for your website if you are going to sign up for shared hosting under their company. It is a great benefit, but you need bigger space as your online business grows.

Dedicated Hosting Service

If you want to remain competitive in the world of Internet, your website needs to have proper specifications. You can successfully deliver information to the clients this way.  Dedicated hosting refers to the type of hosting that is custom built for a particular website and client. Dedicated hosting can also provide the coverage that a website owner wants. The site continues to run properly as the specifications are based on what the client is searching for.

If you are going to choose shared hosting, be sure to  opt for companies that do not have too many sites on one server. Your website loads a bit longer once errors occur. Choose a company that can accommodated a decent number of websites on one server.  Memory and bandwidth issues are most likely to cause a website to run slow.

The Basics of Web Hosting

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Thinking about starting your own website? In that case, you need to think about web hosting. This article provides basic information about web hosting for those who are planning to start their own websites.

Web Hosting Services

The first thing you need to do is to acquire the services of a web hosting company. The typical “package” offered by web hosting companies include: a domain name, several email addresses or mailboxes, and the web hosting service itself. The domain name makes it possible for your visitors to access your site on the Internet (e.g. It can also be used to personalize your email addresses (e.g. [email protected]).

Of course, different websites have different needs, and in order for you to make the most out of web hosting services, you will need to consider the type of website, hosting technology, and hosting service level that you need.

Types of Websites

There are two major types of websites: simple sites and dynamic sites. A simple site creates one or more web pages using software such as DreamWeaver. These pages are then uploaded using FTP software (e.g. FileZilla) to your web host’s server. Whenever you want to modify something on your site, you will need to make the changes on your computer before uploading them again. The website does not really change by itself; hence, simple sites are also known as “static” sites.

Dynamic sites, on the other hand, require you to install web application software on your server. This software makes it possible for you to add and modify web content directly online, without having to use other tools on your computer. It also allows visitors to post comments on your website. Blogs and forums are examples of dynamic sites, while Joomla and WordPress are examples of web application software.

Hosting Technologies

Basically, there are two different hosting technologies that you can choose ASP hosting, which refers to Microsoft’s technology for web applications. If you are planning to use a web application that is specifically written in ASP, then you will need to utilize this type of hosting technology. Meanwhile, Linux hosting is also known as “Linux Apache MySQL PHP” (or “LAMP,” for short). It is the most commonly used hosting technology system used today, as it is faster, more affordable, and more flexible than Windows hosting.

Hosting Service Levels

There is a variety of web hosting service levels, but the major ones are as follows: (a) Free hosting, which is generally rather slow and usually overloaded with advertisements; (b) Shared hosting, wherein a large sever hosts several websites all at once; (c) Virtual Private Servers or VPS, which is quite similar to shared hosting except the websites are strongly isolated from one another; and (d) Dedicated Servers, wherein you get your own server that is secure and fast. Obviously, these levels differ in price, speed, comfort, and security.

Generally, the type of web hosting that you should get depends largely on the kind of website, hosting technology, and service level that you need. Once you are able to plan and decide on these matters, then you are ready to start your very own site!

Why Is It Necessary To Choose The Right Web Host

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A website is essential for marketing your business. Aside from increasing brand awareness, customers will also be able to find you through your website. However, creating a website often easier said than done. Decisions are indeed tough especially when it comes to choosing designs and creating content. You will also have to remember that functionality and optimisation will also play role in marketing your business. Once your website is created, the next thing you need to focus on is the hosting of the site. Your dream hosting service can be a nightmare if you do no ask questions or do your research. You will end up paying high fees for a poor service. This unpleasant experience can be prevented if you know the questions to ask.

What type of support does the hosting service provide?

Your site may not work properly due to the some hosting problems and while this is normal, not having a technical support to address your concern is quite frustrating. Make sure your hosting provider has free support 24 hours a day. This is an important element of hosting because you are doing business online and your website needs to be up and running 100% of the time.

Is your current plan scalable?

As your business grows, a hosting service must also have the ability to scale with you. You should choose a hosting provider that offers different levels of service. This enables you to upgrade if you need to. You should also choose a host that gives you the ability to change plans without any exit fees or cancellation costs. There are good web hosting companies that offer a variety of tiers and let you change hosting options on a monthly basis. This enables you to change plans according to your needs. In case there is a sudden spike of traffic on your website, or if you need more bandwidth, you can easily switch to another package without breaking the bank.

Will content be automatically backed up?

Being backed up automatically is not something that all web hosting services provide. Make sure you ask your provider if they offer this service so you will have peace of mind in case you have accidentally deleted information on your website or you have been a victim of data breach.

What is the uptime guarantee?

When searching for a hosting provider, you will also have to know what their uptime guarantee is. It is a bad customer experience to encounter an error message or a blank screen while visiting your website. Make sure your uptime guarantee is at least 99%.

Is Free Web Hosting A Smart Choice?

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Have you ever thought about considering free web hosting service? Being strapped for cash is one reason beginners hesitate to invest in a reliable webhosting service. While quality comes with a price, this should not be used as an excuse for skimping on the cost of webhosting service especially if you are starting an online business. An online business should be treated as a brick and mortar business. This means, whatever you invest in your physical business must also be invested in your online business.

Some Problems You Encounter With Free Web Hosting Service


Free web hosting service providers make money through advertisements. If you do not mind an unsightly website cluttered up with unrelated ads that you cannot get rid of, then free webhosting providers are an option for you. However, your prospects do not like to see these ads as they can be very distracting. Would you risk losing your prospects or spend some cash on a sensible webhosting service?


Nothing beats having a dedicated domain, which you can only obtain if you pay for hosting. With a free hosting service, you will be provided with the sub-domain or a directory. You can lose some credibility if a visitor notices a subdomain in their web browser.

Pop Ups

Pop ups can ruin your website and can annoy your visitor as they are as equally distracting as ads. Keep in mind that you need to create a good impression by ensuring that your visitors have a pleasant buying experience. A free web host will not provide this experience.

Limited Data Storage

There is a huge difference between limited and sufficient data storage and bandwidth. If you have sufficient data storage and bandwidth, your website will be able to load faster. You will also have unique add-ons and features. A free web host will deprive you of these benefits.

No Customer Support

Due to the fact that it is a free webhosting, you are most likely to deal with your hosting problems on your own. If your website is down and the issue is not resolved right away, you can lose money overnight. When you choose a reliable web hosting provider, you will be able to get the most out of the services. A customer service specialist will help you resolve your hosting problems.

Your website represents your business. It is imperative that you present a professional website that will attract prospects. Free web hosting does not offer value if you and your prospects are faced with too many inconveniences.