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The Purpose Of Domain Names

150 150 Andrew Broberg

Domain names, from a website visitors’ perspective are simply an identifier that enables them to recognise if they are on the correct website.

As a website owner, it is essential to choose the correct domain name to attract more subscribers, drive more traffic, generate successful blogs, create a clear brand messaging and get more backlinks and shares.

Although choosing a domain name can be tricky, you just have to make sure that it is easy to understand. Does this mean you have to choose short domain names?

The key to choosing the right domain name does not always have to do with the length. Visitors should instantly understand what your website is about by looking at your domain name.

Potential customers would ask, “Am I on the correct website?”.  Your website should be able to answer this question.  If you choose short domain names to describe your website, you may only end up confusing your visitors. Many people search for websites based on a keyword. Your domain name should easily capture your target audience.

How to choose a good domain name?

1. Choose common extensions
There are three extensions considered to be the most recognisable: .com, .net and .org. Most people easily recognise these extensions.

Of all domain extensions, more than 75% of all websites choose .com extension. In terms of search engine algorithms, websites with .com extensions are the ones first shown in search results.

These three extensions also enable you to add credibility to your website. Potential customers will shy away from your website if they do not easily recognise your domain name. You will also lose a big amount of traffic if you prefer to use an extension other than the three most commonly used extensions.

2. Avoid acronyms, jargon and abbreviations
If you want visitors to find your website, be sure you choose a domain name that is already familiar to them. Relying on acronyms, jargon and abbreviations only reduces your chance of getting recognised because visitors will find it difficult to find your website. Keep it simple if you want to succeed in creating an online audience.

3. Go for registered domain names
Cutting corners by choosing unregistered domain names will not yield positive results. Premium domain names ensure that your website is more recognisable and you can also be sure that it intended for the products or services you are marketing to your target audience. Never attempt to choose unregistered domain names as you will only take a turn for the worst.