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Are Free Web Hosting Services Good?

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Website development is vital to building strong online presence. While it is a huge expense, small business owners should not cut cost by choosing free services. As they say, “you get what you pay for.” Having said that, website issues cannot be properly addressed if you cheap out on hosting.

Reasons choosing a free host is a bad idea

If you want high quality web host service that keeps your website up and running, choosing companies that do not charge for their hosting service will not give you excellent results. Although you will be offered a free trial for the first month, you will eventually choose a paid subscription to access premium features.

Free hosting plans have security issues that can compromise your website. Low security level means your website will be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Your website can get deleted and your identity can be stolen.

There are also limitations that you need to put up with when choosing free web hosting. Using sub-domains is one of its limitations. You will also have to bear with limited space and bandwidth. With limited space, you are left with no choice but to exclude some file types. With too many restrictions, adding image or contact form will not be possible.

Paid web hosting service offers 24/7 customer support. If your website has encountered a problem, you can easily get access to support any time of the day.

Your website will also run slow if there are too many users on the same server. Since your website helps you convert leads into customers, not being able to access your website will lose your chances of converting leads.

Free hosting services have forced advertising, which can be distracting to users. These ads will pop up occasionally and it is impossible to remove them. The problem with forced ads is that they can cause website traffic. When your website is cluttered with unrelated banners, it will look unprofessional to users. You search engine rankings can suffer as well.

It is such a big risk if you are going to put your trust in free hosting service because it will mean that you give power to the company to control your website. The web hosting company will be the one to decide about your website’s presence. You cannot build great online reputation if your website’s credibility is in question. Potential customers will not take your business seriously because you have signed up for a free hosting service.

If your aim is to build your online business, think about choosing a reliable hosting service. Aside from unlimited hosting, you can also gain access to 24/7 customer support in case you have problems with your website.

Is Free Web Hosting A Smart Choice?

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Have you ever thought about considering free web hosting service? Being strapped for cash is one reason beginners hesitate to invest in a reliable webhosting service. While quality comes with a price, this should not be used as an excuse for skimping on the cost of webhosting service especially if you are starting an online business. An online business should be treated as a brick and mortar business. This means, whatever you invest in your physical business must also be invested in your online business.

Some Problems You Encounter With Free Web Hosting Service


Free web hosting service providers make money through advertisements. If you do not mind an unsightly website cluttered up with unrelated ads that you cannot get rid of, then free webhosting providers are an option for you. However, your prospects do not like to see these ads as they can be very distracting. Would you risk losing your prospects or spend some cash on a sensible webhosting service?


Nothing beats having a dedicated domain, which you can only obtain if you pay for hosting. With a free hosting service, you will be provided with the sub-domain or a directory. You can lose some credibility if a visitor notices a subdomain in their web browser.

Pop Ups

Pop ups can ruin your website and can annoy your visitor as they are as equally distracting as ads. Keep in mind that you need to create a good impression by ensuring that your visitors have a pleasant buying experience. A free web host will not provide this experience.

Limited Data Storage

There is a huge difference between limited and sufficient data storage and bandwidth. If you have sufficient data storage and bandwidth, your website will be able to load faster. You will also have unique add-ons and features. A free web host will deprive you of these benefits.

No Customer Support

Due to the fact that it is a free webhosting, you are most likely to deal with your hosting problems on your own. If your website is down and the issue is not resolved right away, you can lose money overnight. When you choose a reliable web hosting provider, you will be able to get the most out of the services. A customer service specialist will help you resolve your hosting problems.

Your website represents your business. It is imperative that you present a professional website that will attract prospects. Free web hosting does not offer value if you and your prospects are faced with too many inconveniences.