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Why Domain Names Are Important

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For your website to have a unique identity, a domain name is essential. The domain name has to be unique to ensure that no two parties hold the same domain name as this can create a problem and will defeat the purpose of building your brand identity. Your domain name is not only your identity but your online business card as well. Unfortunately, there are people who do not give importance to their domain name without realising that doing so will also result in losing their whole online identity.

It is easy to lose your domain name if you do not understand how it works. Technically, a domain name is used for identifying and finding computers on the Internet. Since computers use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, a series of numbers are used for identification purposes. Since there are many IP addresses out there, domain names are created to form an identity unique to each website. Without a domain name, your web address will be translated into IP numbers. Imagine the ordeal of remembering a series of numbers.

Choosing a domain name

A word or phrase is used as a domain name. When it comes to exploring some possible options, it is essential to think of catchy phrases or words that potential customers can easily remember and will bring traffic to the site. As much as possible, use a domain name that represents your website. For instance, if you are a web developer, your domain name should be relevant to the product and service you are offering.

Keeping your domain name short is also recommended. Stick to 5 to 20 characters so it is easy to remember. Aside from keeping it short, ensuring that domain names are spelled correctly will also help you to avoid brand problems.

How do you obtain a domain name?

You can get a domain name in two ways: 1.)register the domain name yourself; 2.)get your web host service provider to register the domain name for you.

If you prefer to register a domain name yourself, choosing a Registrar will be the first step. Choosing from hundreds of registrars can be tricky and some of them may even offer a low yearly fee. If you choose to have a web host register the domain name for you, the provider will have their own approved registrar. Since providers are doing this process many times, the essential information they need are already available. The process can save time and effort.

Why register?

Private registration is encouraged to keep unsolicited e-mails and phone calls at bay. Registering a domain without private registration will make your information accessible to the public and  you can become a likely target of companies sending unsolicited mails, e-mails and phone calls.

The Best Practices For Choosing Your Domain Name

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A website helps you build a brand identity, but without a domain name, the identity you are trying to build will be non-existent. In choosing a domain name, there are things you need to take into consideration. While there might be some brilliant ideas going through your head, choosing a unique domain name is such a challenge. Following some best practices can help you find a domain name that suits your website.

Ensure keywords are part of your domain name

Keywords are essential to choosing a domain name. Aside from the fact that it helps you become more accessible to your target audience, it also helps bring more traffic to your website. It is important for people to know what your website is about. It will also be easier for you to target users.

Consider new domains

It is no surprise that good domain names are always selected. However, untouched domains also have potential. It is important to get creative in using new domains. When fusing creativity into domain selection, make sure that you keep your social presence in mind. Domain names must also be easy to be found online especially domain names for social sites.

Choose a domain name that is easy to access

While it cannot be denied that many websites use dashes, one thing you need to remember is that people like it when your website is easy to access. A good domain name must be kept short.

Keep privacy in mind

Aside from choosing a domain name that can target users, privacy is also important. Domain data must be kept private by having better security. It is also worth noting that better security may come with an additional cost. It is worth investing in domains that can address your privacy concerns. After all, it can turn into a long-term investment.

Think about other extensions

Extensions do not necessarily have to be a .com. You can also choose other domain extensions such as .net, .co, .site and many more. You can also do some research so you will know the extensions that suit your website.

Researching properly is one of the best practices to follow when you are choosing a domain name. While it may take time to find a good domain name, the positive result that it yields such as driving more traffic to the website and targeting the right audience are just some of the benefits you will reap in the end.

The Basics of Web Hosting

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Thinking about starting your own website? In that case, you need to think about web hosting. This article provides basic information about web hosting for those who are planning to start their own websites.

Web Hosting Services

The first thing you need to do is to acquire the services of a web hosting company. The typical “package” offered by web hosting companies include: a domain name, several email addresses or mailboxes, and the web hosting service itself. The domain name makes it possible for your visitors to access your site on the Internet (e.g. It can also be used to personalize your email addresses (e.g. [email protected]).

Of course, different websites have different needs, and in order for you to make the most out of web hosting services, you will need to consider the type of website, hosting technology, and hosting service level that you need.

Types of Websites

There are two major types of websites: simple sites and dynamic sites. A simple site creates one or more web pages using software such as DreamWeaver. These pages are then uploaded using FTP software (e.g. FileZilla) to your web host’s server. Whenever you want to modify something on your site, you will need to make the changes on your computer before uploading them again. The website does not really change by itself; hence, simple sites are also known as “static” sites.

Dynamic sites, on the other hand, require you to install web application software on your server. This software makes it possible for you to add and modify web content directly online, without having to use other tools on your computer. It also allows visitors to post comments on your website. Blogs and forums are examples of dynamic sites, while Joomla and WordPress are examples of web application software.

Hosting Technologies

Basically, there are two different hosting technologies that you can choose ASP hosting, which refers to Microsoft’s technology for web applications. If you are planning to use a web application that is specifically written in ASP, then you will need to utilize this type of hosting technology. Meanwhile, Linux hosting is also known as “Linux Apache MySQL PHP” (or “LAMP,” for short). It is the most commonly used hosting technology system used today, as it is faster, more affordable, and more flexible than Windows hosting.

Hosting Service Levels

There is a variety of web hosting service levels, but the major ones are as follows: (a) Free hosting, which is generally rather slow and usually overloaded with advertisements; (b) Shared hosting, wherein a large sever hosts several websites all at once; (c) Virtual Private Servers or VPS, which is quite similar to shared hosting except the websites are strongly isolated from one another; and (d) Dedicated Servers, wherein you get your own server that is secure and fast. Obviously, these levels differ in price, speed, comfort, and security.

Generally, the type of web hosting that you should get depends largely on the kind of website, hosting technology, and service level that you need. Once you are able to plan and decide on these matters, then you are ready to start your very own site!