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Design Elements: What Makes A Good Website?

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Every designer has a different approach to creating a website, but they follow the same rules. Regardless of the plan, the design elements must always be present when building a website. Here are five essential elements designers cannot afford to miss:

5 Design Elements That Should Be Present In A Website

1. Navigation

Navigation is no rocket science. When creating navigational menus, keep users in mind. While some of them can ease their way into navigating through your website, others may have difficult time. Make sure your menus can be easily identified and used. Navigation should take your users to the direction they want. The purpose is instantly defeated if you have a very complicated interface.

2. Space

Why is the text hard to read? Why does the website look chaotic? Space dictates the flow of your website and it can make or break your online reputation to potential customers. Consistency in spacing is an important design element. You also need to take users’ focal point into consideration . Space will not always be white because it denotes that your website lacks a specific element. Space can also be a texture or a background colour.

3. About Us

When it comes to introducing your business to prospects, you need to tell users who you are. Letting your users know about your goals, mission and philosophies is the first step to establishing trust. About Us page must not be wordy. Keep everything simple so the users can obtain enough information. Most About Us pages have photos and biography of employees.

4. Call to Action

A website is not just built to raise brand awareness as it is also a gateway to taking an action. As you provide a wealth of information to your prospects, they are also thinking of the next step to take. Whether it is asking for additional details or committing to purchasing the goods or services you offer, a call to action creates a strong impact.

There are different approaches to adding call to action to your website. It can include a signup form, a link to download an app or an option to sign up for a newsletter. You just have to determine what your website wants to do. Calls to action should encourage users to take the next step. This is why it should be highly visible on your page.

5. Contact Us

Contact information adds legitimacy to your business and website. Aside from your business address and contact number, you should also add a contact form so users have the option to email you directly. Contact Us can be placed in the main navigation or as a page with a form so users can easily see it.

These design elements are essential for a website to create a strong impact on users. If you want to improve your online presence and create brand awareness, make sure you do not overlook these details.