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All You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Provider

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Many small businesses are keen on selecting a web host company because the hosting provider creates a strong impact on the business. In a nutshell, web hosting stores your website on the servers. Each and every web hosting company has different servers and locations. There are many aspects of web hosting that can affect your business:

Site Speed

Why is it important to choose a provider that can offer faster site speeds? Your website can either make a good or bad impression. In just a few seconds, you can lose your chance at converting visitors into regular customers if you don’t offer impressive speed. Users will judge the speed of your website by its loading time. In fact, your site’s loading time is enough to make a greater impression. It is even a factor to retaining customers.


Aside from site speed, downtime percentage is also important. Downtime refers to the amount of time your site will be unavailable to users. Although web hosting companies cannot guarantee 100% uptime, the risk of downtime minimal if you do not want to leave band impressions to visitors.


It is also important for a web host company to have the ability to protect sensitive data. If anything bad happens to your server, backups will keep your data safe. There should be multiple server backups in different locations so you can restore your work any time even in the event of cyber attacks and other online mishaps.

Choosing the right hosting provider

Analyse your budget-you need to plan your budget by asking yourself how much you are willing to spend on a web hosting service. Shared hosting solution is a good option if you are minimalistic. However, you should also keep in mind that for your business to survive, you need higher speed and low downtime and only a dedicated server can deliver these.

Explore options-the company you are going to choose will depend on your business needs. If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need a reliable web hosting service that will help you accomplish your goals. You need to research thoroughly so you can meet your objectives. It is also important that you understand what is best for your business.

Know your objectives-you will also have to narrow down your goals by identifying the aspects of your business you are most concerned with. Is speed your priority? There should be a balance between the company’s downtime percentage, speed, reliability and level of security.

4 Signs Your Web Hosting Service Is Hurting Your Business

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Your website represents your business and to drive traffic to the site and attract customers, choosing a web hosting service that offers excellent performance is a must. To small businesses, choosing a reliable web hosting service can be a bit of a challenge. Instead of focusing on the features, many businesses give importance to the service cost.

Cutting corners may be an option for start ups, but this is not a valid excuse when your online reputation is suffering. If your website experiences frequent down time, it can result in poor customer experience. There are 4 ways bad web hosting service can affect your business:

Your website makes a bad first impression

On average, a website may take 6 seconds to load. If customers have to wait more than 6 seconds, they will either visit another site or close out your web page. You need to make a good first impression when trying to attract potential customers. If your website is image and video-laden, a strong web hosting service is the best way to go. The wrong web hosting service can deter your customer from doing business with you.

Your website is prone to cyber attack

Being a victim of cyber attack is costly and stressful. You do not only invest your precious time in creating a website but your money as well. Having weak web hosting means your website is vulnerable to any kind of attacks. You will need high levels of security to keep hackers at bay. E-commerce websites choose web hosting providers that have the ability to keep the site secure and protected against cyber intruders. When choosing a web hosting service provider, ask about the steps they will take in the event your website information is compromised.

Your website gets penalised

A server that is frequently down can have a negative effect on your business as search engines impose penalties on websites with frequent web host problems. A web host service provider with high downtime percentage can make your website suffer. If you want to prevent penalties in website search rankings, choose a web host with a high uptime percentage.

You miss out on potential leads

Regardless of implementing an effective ad campaign, blog post, social media campaign and promotional offer, you will miss out ondriving traffic to your site if you have a low-quality web host. An unreliable web host can result in missing out on potential leads. Search for a web host that can steadily handle traffic.

Can A Hosting Provider Affect Your SEO Effort?

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Google’s algorithm evolves and changes just when you thought your SEO strategies are proven to improve your search engine ranking. Without a doubt, these changes are challenging and stressful. There are many factors that can create a huge impact on your SEO effort and one of which is your hosting provider. Failure to choose a reliable hosting provider can hurt your search engine ranking.

How does your hosting provider affect SEO?

While your hosting provider does not necessarily boost your ranking, but choosing a poor web hosting service can still have a negative effective. Due to the tough competition among online businesses, it is no surprising that many website owners invest in a reliable hosting service. However, there are site owners who opt for the cheapest service. If you do not truly understand the role of hosting in SEO, you will never realise how advantageous it is to choose wisely.

User experience and safety affect your Google rankings. If your website is not secure, your rankings can be affected in more ways than one. Once your website is attacked by malware, Google can easily detect attacks and will penalise your website for it. Your online reputation and traffic will also be affected once visitors learned of these flaws. These factors can definitely affect your ranking.
Although, you make a conscious effort to protect your website against attacks, your host should also play an important role in ensuring security. If you have poor security, you are also opening doors and windows to hackers, making your website more vulnerable to malware infection.

SEO and server performance

Downtime and server speed can also affect your SEO effort. This is one factor that Google takes seriously. If your website is taking minutes to load or experiencing frequent downtime, driving traffic to your website will be challenging. Reliable providers have 99% uptime and only 1% downtime. You may have made an effort to improve your speed, your hosting provider can slow your website down. If you have a shared server, your speed is more likely to be affected by the fact that you are sharing the same server with multiple sites. A dedicated server is essential to improving your website’s performance. While it costs you more money, you will be able to improve your business in the long run.

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing A Web Host

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If you are choosing a paid web hosting service, you need to make sure you select the right company. There are 5 mistakes often committed by people searching for a reliable web host service. Take note of these mistakes so you can avoid committing them.

Mistake #1: Choosing Price Over Quality

While beginners may consider some penny-pinching practices to save money, it does not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest service. As they say, quality comes at a price. If you choose the cheapest option, you may end up not getting the right features you want for your website. If you want to keep your website up and running, you also have to make sure you choose a reliable web host service. This will only be possible if you explore your options. A cheap pricing plan may be an attractive option, but it may not offer the best features for your needs.

Mistake #2: Falling Prey To The Top Web Hosts

It might seem easy to decide which paid web host service you are going to consider if you come across a list of top web host providers. Is this enough to decide which company you should choose?  Positive reviews do not necessarily come from clients. Beware of these reviews. You need to check the company’s qualifications and avoid heavily relying on fake reviews.

Mistake #3: Opting For Unlimited Web Hosts

Web host companies that provide unlimited features may seem like an attractive offer. However, you need to think things over before you commit to choosing a web host company. The storage and bandwidth may be unlimited but you have to take other things into consideration.

Mistake #4: Signing up for a year

If you do not have prior experience about a web host company, do not attempt to sign up for a year. Signing up for a longer period of time will mean you need to pay the company in advance. While there are companies that offer money-back guarantee, there are companies that give you a hard time getting your money back. If you have a bad web host plan, you need to stick to it for a year. Sign up for a month and check if the company offers services and features you are looking for.

Mistake #5:Ignoring Downtime/Uptime

Your website will rely on your web host provider 100% of the time. Downtime/uptime rate is important and should be taken into consideration when searching for a company to host your website.  Fifteen minute downtime can result in losing money.