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Is Following The Latest Web Design Trends Necessary?

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Website owners make it a habit to update their web design to ensure that the style is in season. While there are free themes available to install, the designs that fit your brand’s personality will require you to shell out some cash. When there is money involved, it is important to think things over before deciding on changing the web design. Trends come and go. Does this mean that websites have to keep up with the latest cool trend?

As 2017 comes to an end, website owners are looking forward to giving their websites an overhaul. Indeed a fresh new look gives visitors an element of surprise. In 2017, bold, bright colours were a huge hit. Some trends will still be relevant in 2018 while others have to go. New web designs are meant to provide opportunities to improve especially if the previous designs have any shortcomings that deter the website owner from conveying the brand message to prospects.

Visual format is essential. You need to avoid mistakes or it will result in a high abandon rate. Websites make lasting impressions. Lucky for those that have managed to create a good impression. When visitors have difficulties navigating your website, not seeing enough information that can help them with their buying decision or find the website distracting, you can lose those precious seconds converting leads into sales.

If you have found out about the latest trend in web designs, ask yourself about the areas of your website that you need to improve. You will also need to think about your goals. Do you intend to cater to new audiences? Do you want to incorporate new technologies to make it easier for your audience to access your website? Embracing trends is not just to overcome the fear of missing out. You make use of new trends to improve your website’s usability.

Reasons you need a new website design:

  • Increase the ability of your website to display data
  • Add different forms of virtual information
  • Make website mobile responsive
  • Utilise video and infographics better

On-trend web design and your budget

Although new trends in website design have so much to offer, it does not mean that it will endure. Aside from identifying the goals you want to achieve, you will also need to identify how long your website will cater to your needs without a major rebuild or refresh. When choosing a web design, it is important to work within your budget. There is no need to refresh your web design from time to time  if you only have a limited budget.

Domain Name:More Than Just Your Website’s Identity

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When you start a new business, you need to register a domain name as it will represent your business on the internet. Even your customers will base their first impression on your domain name. It will give them an idea what you do and what you are offering. When building an online space,  choosing a suitable domain name is imperative.

There are three ways you can use your domain name:

Building a website

In growing your business, you need an effective tool so you can be exposed to many marketing opportunities. Your website establishes your online credibility. This is why it is necessary to create a website that shows what you have to offer. It is also imperative that you maintain your website. There are web hosting providers that also offer bundled services including web hosting, domain name and design templates.

Most websites that provide professional services will include the general information, contact information, product/service information, customer testimonies and social media icons. For those who prefer to open an online store, it is important to include multimedia or videos. You can also add some e-commerce capabilities so you can process payments, take orders and even provide customer support.

Brand your social media presence

Another way you can use your domain name is when you use social media to improve your online presence. One way you can change it is by using your domain name as the web address for your business page. This method is referred to as web forwarding. Using your domain name as web address will make it easy for your prospects to remember your brand. You can use your domain name for web forwarding by logging into your account. You can then change the settings on your domain name.

Set up a unique email address

You can also use your web address as an email address. If you have a company-branded email address, you will be able to have a professional-looking branded channel which you can use for communicating with your target audience.  A company-branded email address is considered as a free marketing strategy. All you need is to register your domain name so you can set up your email address.

How to promote your domain name?

Once you have registered your domain name, you can start building your brand by adding it to social media platforms. It will be easier for your customers to find you this way. You can also include your web address on your business cards, email signatures, ads, brochures, newsletters and uniforms.